Fitting Like A GLOVE

Kira Bani is an Italian luxury shoe line powered by Fit-Any. Kira Bani and Fit-Any were founded by Katya Stesin in San Francisco and have the aim of disrupting how shoes are purchased. It's done through organizing Shoe Parties and a trendsetting Online Women's Shoe Marketplace. Fit-Any's innovative technology, Fitting Bootie, is an app designed to help women find their size and match them with perfectly fitting shoes.

Made in Italy

A shoe revolution work that marries traditional Italian slow fashion shoemaking and modern fitting technology. Creating striking luxury fit and comfort like never ever.

Cocoon the feet

The "inner sole" of Kira Bani flats is like that of a mocassin in that it cocoons the foot like a glove. 
The Ballet Flats are diligently sewn and integrated into the leather upper. The soft leather fits perfectly like a glove over the entire foot.

Fits Any Foot

Designed for literally any shoe wearer including those who have foot types such as bunion, narrow, and wide. All you need to do is pick your exact fit and never worry about shoes hurting your special foot type again.