Katya Stesin with her daughter Kira

Our Story 

Kira Bani was founded by Katya Stesin - a female entrepreneur who happens to have feet that are just a bit wider than average. She has had trouble her whole life finding high quality Italian-made flats that fit her right. 

A tech entrepreneur and Stanford grad, Katya decided to use technology to solve the problem women have finding shoes when she created her company FIT-ANY (featured in Venture Beat and CNET). FIT-ANY is an innovative technology that measures women’s feet using sensors and matches them with shoes that are supposed to fit perfectly.

Katya called her shoe brand Kira Bani, in honor of her daughter, Kira. Kira is an up-and-coming artist who has been helping Katya to design shoes for years. Since Katya sometimes calls her daughter bunny, she named her shoes something that sounds a lot like bunny. 

Kira Bani’s mission is to help each woman find the perfect fit, with shoes designed specifically for her. That’s because we believe that every woman deserves comfort, style, and support.

After measuring thousands of women’s feet and attempting to match them with an existing high-end shoe brand, Katya discovered that she was not the only one that couldn’t find high-end shoes that fit her well. FIT-ANY couldn’t match a large portion of women’s feet since most high-end brands are not designed to fit every woman. 

There are very few choices for those of us with wider feet, bunions, high-arches and the like. The only choice left for us is sneakers or cheaper but more comfortable shoes that usually don’t meet our standards for style.

Frustrated from not finding any luxury shoes that fit her, Katya decided to design her own high-end, top quality flats that are more accurately sized so that they are both comfortable and stylish.

Kira Bani’s designs are handcrafted in Italy and come in a wide variety of sizes and widths, including support for high or low arches and bunions. Kira Bani is planning to continue using FIT-ANY technology to measure women’s feet in order to introduce even more sizes in the future.