Women’s Shoe Sizes Becoming as Diverse as the Women Who Wear Them

Women's shoe sizes as diverse as women wearing them

Once upon a time women used to break ribs in order to squeeze into incredibly small corsets. For hundreds of years, foot binding was a thing in Asia. Today, women still suffer for fashion when it comes to shoes to the point of deformity in many cases!

Why would women subject themselves to the horrors that women suffered long ago when they don’t have to? The reasons are multiple. We like the way our legs look in heels (and so do lots of men and women). Men have been some of the most prominent designers of high-end high heels that look good but can destroy women’s feet.

On top of that, some women have very few choices. Sometimes it’s because they have naturally bigger feet than the average woman. Some have foot problems like bunions and hammer toes – often created by wearing shoes that are too small – and have a limited selection of shoes to choose from.

Regardless, women in position to do something about this are finally starting to take the lead in designing women’s footwear for walking and looking good; not sacrificing the former for the latter. Hence, women’s shoe sizes are becoming as diverse as the women who wear them to the betterment of women’s overall health.

Women’s Feet Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Where you live, your diet, and your age are just some of the factors that makes women’s feet so diverse. Add in the fact that wearing ill-fitting shoes can change the shape of a woman’s foot and it’s easy to see why so many women are wearing shoes that don’t quite fit right.

women feet are getting bigger, different shoes sizes

Consider this: It is estimated that most people (60%) have one foot that is a different size than the other one. When it comes to women, nearly 90% of us tend to buy and wear shoes that are too small. Plus, our feet do not stay the same size, even after we quit growing.

Pregnant women gain weight which can change the shape and size of their feet. Heavyset people, especially if they are overweight when they are young tend to develop flat feet because their arches fall under the pressure of that added weight. Yet shoe manufacturers typically only sell shoes up to size 11 and often only in medium, not wide width.

Even at trade shows like FN Platform, they tend to only use models that sport a US 7 shoe size. That is true even in Europe where the equivalent to a size 7 in the U.S. is a 37; the standard for all trade shows in Europe. In the U.S. alone, we have a lot of diversity and a wide range of shapes and sizes for women’s feet. We believe that our shoes should be just as diverse!

Kira Bani Ballet Flats are Designed to Fit Everybody

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Kira Bani Ballet flats come in variety of sizes and widths

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