Women’s Feet Are Getting Bigger

plus size feet and shoes for women

It’s ironic that women who have larger than average feet get made fun of when compared to just 50 years ago, all women’s feet have gotten bigger. A recent study shows that today the average woman wears a size 8.5 in the U.S. But just 50 years ago, the average woman wore a size 6. If you go back a century or more, our feet are three to four shoe sizes bigger today than they were then!

One reason for this change is the change in the American diet. We eat more, there are more obese people today than there were back then, and natural evolution has a lot to do with it. The types of shoes we wear make a difference too.

Women’s feet change a lot over time just because of the types of shoes we wear. Since we tend to wear shoes that are too small for us, we end up with bunions, hammer toes, crossover toes, and corns that change the shape of our feet. Some women with bunions have had them since birth and require wider shoes than average as do those who develop bunions over time, forcing them to go up a size or two.

Foot Shaming is Common for Women

Sadly, many women experience an equivalent to body shaming that has largely gone unchecked. It’s a source of comedy for many and sheer embarrassment for the poor woman who gets laughed at for wearing a size 11 or 13 shoe. Yet, when you think about it, all women have big feet relatively speaking.

That kind of foot shaming causes some women to hide their shoes or to even buy smaller shoes than are comfortable instead of going up a size. For men, big feet are a source of pride. For women, big feet are not dainty or as sexy as tiny feet.

Shoes are made for smaller feet too. It’s just like plus size clothes where the clothes get frumpier the bigger the size. Women try to squeeze into a pair of jeans that are too tight or bras that are too tight to avoid wearing a larger size. In the same way, women with bigger than average feet feel ashamed and often times would rather suffer the pain than accept that they have to wear a larger size shoe.

plus size feet and shoes for women

The problem is that beyond the pain, wearing the wrong size shoe can cause injury and deformity. But it’s not just embarrassment. The fact is it is difficult for women with large or wide width feet to find beautiful Italian shoes that fit.

Transwomen have an even harder time. Some go to the extreme to make it work, even opting for surgeries that shave a few millimeters off of their toes or surgically reshape their feet to fit into women’s heels.

There Is a Better Way

At Kira Bani, we are making it so that damaging your feet is unnecessary if you can find the types of high-end quality women’s shoes that you want in your unique size. That’s what our FIT-ANY technology is all about. Our goal is to design beautiful Italian ballet flats that fit like a glove no matter the size or shape of your foot.

Our sizes go all the way up to women size US13! When we say we are designing shoes that fit anyone, we mean it! Check out our new and expanding product line and find your size.


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