Round-Toe or Pointy-Toe Shoes?

round toe flats are better than pointy toe flats for your feet

Many women make allowances for a little foot pain if their feet look good in a sharp pair of pointy-toe shoes, even if that means cramming your bulbous big toe into a pair of flats with a teeny, tiny point. Many women prefer pointy-toe shoes because they think it is more stylish.

Stuffing your toes into pointy toed shoes may look fashionable but most likely your feet don’t appreciate the tight squeeze. While high-heeled shoes are often the culprit causing so many bunions to form on women’s feet, we also know that it is not just the heel but also the toe box that causes bunions.

The Trouble with Pointy-Toe Shoes

Bunions form when the tissue or bone at the base of the big toe joint is displaced. Pointy shoes typically cause this type of shift and women who wear them are often more likely to develop bunions because of it. Lots of high-heel shoes have pointy toes but so do flats.

Point toe shoes and high heels make bunions problem worse

Other problems occur when you wear pointy toed shoes all the time. You can get hammer toes which is when your middle toe starts to cross over your big toe. You can also develop neuroma. According to WebMD, neuroma is the “inflammation of the nerve between the toes” - typically the little piggy that had roast beef and the one that had none. The space between your toes will feel like it’s burning or you’ll get sharp shooting pains. The only way to fix it is to have surgery.

On the other hand, there are women who have no problem with pointy-toe shoes. That’s because they either have narrow feet or have a Morton’s toe condition when their second toe is longer than their big toe.

Women with morton toe have easier time fitting in pointy toe shoes

This makes it easier to squeeze into pointy shoes since the point usually closer to the extra long second toe. These women are more comfortable than others wearing pointy-toe shoes.

Round Toed Shoe Boxes are the Solution

For the majority of women, the trouble caused by pointy-toe shoes leaves us with little choice but to go for a shoe with a round toed shoe box. The toe box by-the-way defines the structure of the part of your shoes that surrounds your toes.

Round toed shoes are more comfortable and better for women’s foot health. They’re less likely to cause or exacerbate bunions, hammer toes, and neuromas. And you don’t have to sacrifice style or fashion by choosing a shoe with a round toed shoe box. It is possible to create a sleek, stylish ballet flat that also leaves plenty of room to accommodate the natural shape of your toes.

Kira Bani High-End Round Toed Ballet Flats

In addition to having a stylish design, Kira Bani Italian leather ballet flats are made with a roomy round toe box that also provides arch support by incorporating a ¾ inch high wedge made of shock absorbing materials.

Now you can have shoes that are jazzy and at the same time extremely comfortable – shoes that you can wear all day long! Check out our FIT-ANY technology and find your ideal size now!

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