Ladies, Free Your Feet – Ditch Those Heels!

women ditching heels

Five years ago, a firestorm kicked up after several women attending the Cannes Film Festival were kicked out because they were wearing flats instead of heels. It doesn’t seem possible in the 21st century but it happened. In revolt, celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Susan Sarandon, and others have made a point to wear their flats – and for Stewart her bare feet – on the red carpet at Cannes.

Ditching heels at cannes

What these women and many others have been doing for the last few years is sparking a worldwide movement from the boardroom to Hollywood. We are saying to women everywhere – free your feet; ditch those heels!

Famous Women Trade Heels for Flats and Sneakers

Despite there being no “height” requirement for heels according to the people at Cannes, their rules do require men and women to wear formal attire. In their minds that means dresses for women and tuxedos for men and apparently no flats, no matter how fancy, for women.

But the whole issue speaks to a larger cultural problem where women are expected to suffer excruciating pain and even damage to their feet in order to look more ‘feminine’ and to make their calves look more voluptuous. And for years women have bought into it, because women too like the way our legs look in heels.

That is until the last few years where we’ve seen almost a revolt among famous women who have ditched their heels and are opting for snazzy looking flats and comfy sneakers. Take the GOAT, Serena Williams. Attending a once-in-a-lifetime royal wedding reception, she wore sneakers underneath her ball gown. Why?

Serena Williams wearing sneakers with dress

“I tend to be comfy for long nights #beingserena.”

Women Everywhere are Choosing Comfort over Heels

Call it a myth. Call it willful ignorance. Either way, the idea that women prefer wearing high heel shoes over a comfy pair of ballet flats is just wrong. It’s just that society has long expected women to conform to a standard of beauty that says glamorous women wear stilettos and high heels.

 Today, five years after the Cannes debacle, shoemakers are starting to get hip to the fact that women are ditching high heels and are not looking back. One survey showed that almost 50% of women would pay a higher price for comfortable shoes.

Whether it’s the red carpet or a wedding, we are seeing more women showing off their rocking flats and fancy sneakers, choosing comfort over heels. And we think that is awesome!

 Heels are Uncomfortable and They Hurt

It’s no secret that at Kira Bani, we have longed believed that women do not have to torture and destroy their feet to look good. We’ve been working in the lab to create the ultimate high-end ballet flat with both comfort and style at the forefront.

It’s not just the feet either. Back pain, knee strains, and hip problems are often the result of wearing high-heel shoes. Let’s face it, heels are uncomfortable and they hurt and are harmful to women’s overall health. Women are getting smart and opting for the type of sleek, stylish shoes that we make at Kira Bani.

Kira Bani flats are designed with women’s foot health and beauty standards in mind. Want to ditch those heels? Find your perfect Kira Bani flats using our FIT-ANY tool!

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