Americans Own Too Many Shoes – and Most Don’t Fit Correctly!

American women buy more shoes than any other women in the world

What do Americans buy more of each year than toys, cars, or alcohol? Shoes! We throw out a pair for every four out of five Americans on an annual basis, spending more than $360 billion every year. Women are the worst about it too. On average, an American woman has almost 30 pairs of shoes in her closet. But she only wears seven of those thirty pairs of shoes on regular basis.

When they get tossed out, they get tossed into landfills adding to pollution and the deterioration of the planet. It is not sustainable to continue to add so much waste to the environment year after year and it is only compounded by the fact that many of those shoes are being made using child labor in sweat shops.

American Women Buy the Most Shoes

In the rest of the world, women own around a dozen pairs of shoes. In the U.S., American women own more than twice that amount on average. Most of the shoes just sit without much use in our closets until we toss them out and they become part of another landfill somewhere.

A major reason why American women buy and throw out so many shoes is that we just can’t find many that fit us right. Our shoe graveyards/closets are more of a cry for help. Those five to seven pairs of shoes that women end up selecting out of the rotation to wear most days tend to be the only comfortable ones.

american women have on average 27 pairs of shoes in their closet, most do not fit

Even then, those shoes may not fit properly, just better than the others. According to Nike 60% of people wearing their shoes are wearing shoes that are not the right size. What happens then if those shoes are too uncomfortable to wear? Typically a woman wears them once or twice and then they just sit in the closet.

Paying Dearly for Fashion – In More Ways than One!

Women’s feet go through many changes over a lifetime. Young mothers soon discover that their pregnancy has changed the shape and size of their feet forever. The older we get, all of the damage our fancy shoes have done to our feet over the years begins to show.

For years and years we pay for fashion both physically and financially. The in-thing today is to belong to a shoe-of-the-month online subscription. That’s another dozen of pairs of shoes each year adding to dangerous levels of pollution.

Yet many of these companies promise that they are sustainable and that they use sustainable products to make their shoes. But if they are being made using child labor and lower quality materials, they end up adding to more shoe purchases and more pollution each year.

Real Sustainability Starts with Buying Fewer Shoes

Awareness of the need for new products to be made from recycled materials is a good thing. However, if we are still encouraging the type of consumerism that values quantity over quality, we will continue to see an increase in pollution around the globe.

At Kira Bani, our shoes are made in Italy following the highest EU environmental standards. Our philosophy is quality over quantity because the truth is; real sustainability should start with buying fewer shoes. Not only are our shoes made of the highest quality leather, they are designed to fit and to last.

Whether you are going out on a date, taking a trip, or going for a long walk, Kira Bani shoes are made to be worn on any occasion and are not going to just sit in your closet. Want a pair of shoes where you’re guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck? Try our FIT-ANY shoe sizing guide to find and buy your perfect Kira Bani Ballet Flats!


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