6 Reasons Why Our Ballet Flat is The Best Ballet Flat Ever

most comfortable Italian leather ballet flat

A perfect fitting Italian ballet flat; the dream of every woman—that perfect shoe that becomes your best friend whom you want to take everywhere with you: long walks, distant cities, dancing parties. How wonderful would it be to not feel constant pain from squeezing into shoes that don’t fit right but instead feel empowered and happy knowing that you look absolutely stunning while being extremely comfortable in your luxury Italian ballet flats? That is exactly how you will feel when you wear our Kira Bani flats; ballet flats designed to fit you perfectly.

We’re not just saying these are the best flats ever – we went to the lab to create the best, most comfortable high-end ballet flat you will ever buy. Based on scientific research, our flats will fit any woman’s foot like a glove. We know what you want and what you need from your ballet flat. Here are 6 reasons why our ballet flat is the best flat you will ever own:

6 Reasons Our Ballet Flat Is the Best EVER!

1. Perfect Fit

You can’t design a shoe that fits perfectly without taking into account the many different types of feet that will slip into those shoes. Kira Bani flats account for all types of feet: narrow, medium, wide, large sizes and feet that need arch or bunion support.

2. Extreme Comfort

Coco Chanel famously said, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” We agree 100%! Our ballet flats are designed to fit like a glove. Italian made in the sacchetto construction ensures that shoe seams inside of the shoe won’t dig into your feet as you walk. All of the seams are hidden inside the shoe. The result is very light, soft, and flexible shoes that wrap the foot better for an extremely comfortable feel.

3. Style

We know how often we women are willing to sacrifice comfort for style. A big reason why is because sometimes the most comfortable shoes are the least stylish. Not anymore! Our ballet flats are made of fine luxurious Italian leather. Our growing product line includes stylish designs with colors and patterns that really pop!

4. Great Foot Support

Have flat feet or need additional arch support? Great news – our flat is not a flat! Inside our shoes is a hidden internal wedge to give you better arch support. The high tech padding material we use provides extra comfortable cushioning for your feet.

5. Genuine Italian Craftsmanship

Kira Bani shoes are made with the highest quality Italian craftsmanship. These shoes have all been created with love in a small Italian factory that has been in the business for decades. These shoes are built to last. They are meant to be your favorite shoe so you can wear them all the time without them falling apart in only a couple of months!

6. Perfect for Any Occasion

Truly we could have stopped at 5 reasons why our ballet flat is the best flat, but last and certainly not least, our ballet flats are perfect for any occasion. For work or business, walking for miles, going to a party, or traveling, there is no need to switch into your “walking” shoes or your “party” shoes. Owning a pair of our ballet flats eliminates the need to clutter up your closet with dozens of pairs of toe pinching heels.

Are you one of the women we have been describing here? If so, why wait? Try out a pair of Kira Bani ballet flats today! Find your perfect size using our FIT-ANY measurement guide!



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