5 Ways Sacchetto Shoe Construction is Better

Kira Bani comfortable stylish Italian sacchetto ballet flats

Thousands of years ago Italian shoemakers got something right that has been lost in modern shoe construction. Over years and years, those craftsmen came up with something called sacchetto construction – a technique where shoes are made to seamlessly wrap around the foot, creating a cocoon for your feet.

Back when shoemaking was a time- honored craft, the quality of the design was just as important as the feel. There were no cars back then. People walked everywhere, which is why shoemakers who could create a comfortable shoe that made walking easier were the most revered.

In Italy, it was the masters of sacchetto shoe construction that won all of the acclaim. Today, we carry the tradition forward by infusing sacchetto construction into each and every one of our Kira Bani shoes. It is how we are able to make the most comfortable ballet flats ever!

What Are Sacchetto Shoes?

Sacchetto construction is defined by the seamless interior design. Most shoes are pieced together, gluing, stapling, and stitching the sole to the interior; the sides to the top layer. With sacchetto shoes the lining is entirely self-contained so that there are no seams inside or hidden stitching that can rub against and irritate the foot.


Soft layers of leather are stretched while being stitched together to ensure that they maintain their elasticity while at the same time keeping the shape of the shoe perfectly. A shock-absorbing layer is then stitched between the lining and the sole. The result is a shoe that fits like a glove; that's undeniably comfortable to wear.

Beyond that, sacchetto constructed shoes are light and flexible, allowing for more natural movement which makes them comfortable to wear for hours. Stretching the leather increases the breathability of sacchetto shoes. There are no synthetic fabrics inside and no glues are used.

5 Ways Sacchetto Shoe Construction is Best

Take a look at a pair of your shoes. Notice how many seams are inside? You can count the many ways it has been pieced and stitched together. Look at how many hard parts there are in the sole. If you cut open the insole of typical shoes that US consumers find in department stores, you would find glue and metal attachments used to construct them.

Piecing these different parts of the shoe together requires rigid construction. All of these things reduce flexibility, softness, and durability. But they can be made quickly, with little skill, and for less money. That’s why you won’t find shoes made of sacchetto construction on the low price end of the scale.

For all of these reasons, sacchetto shoe construction is better. If you have foot problems like painful bunions and hammer toes, here are just 5 ways that sacchetto shoes are better for you:

  1. Seamless insole like a slip-on slipper,
  2. Light and flexible for more natural foot movement,
  3. Great for hours of walking,
  4. No synthetic insole or glue,
  5. And the insides of Kira Bani shoes are made of the softest high-end Nappa leather.

If all of that wasn’t enough, sacchetto shoes are better for the environment. Without the use of synthetic insoles or toxic glues, we are helping to save the planet one pair of Kira Bani ballet flats at a time. Best of all, the sacchetto method can be used in a variety of shoe styles from boots to slip-ons.

Feel the Kira Bani Difference

Expertly designed in accordance with old world Italian craftsmanship, our shoes are made using the ancient sacchetto technique of shoemaking, made possible only by masters of the trade. Feel the Kira Bani difference – order your pair of sacchetto constructed Kira Bani ballet flats today!


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