5 Reasons Why Making Shoes in Europe is better for the Environment

Making shoes in Italy is better for the environment

About 10% of worldwide shoe production winds up sold in the EU but only 15% of those pairs of shoes have been produced in the EU since 2008. More than 70% of shoes imported into the EU came from China. However, with the trade war shifting operations for U.S. shoe companies outside of China, instead of looking for cheap labor, American companies should consider making more of their shoes in the EU. The rules are stricter but better for the environment. More importantly, laws like Prop 65 in California are coming that will mirror EU standards for shoe production.


Any shoe company intending to sell shoes in California and the millions of customers there will have to submit to similar European regulation – why not start now? There are at least 5 good reasons that making shoes in the EU is better:


1. You’ll save more in the Long Run

Initially the costs to produce environmentally safe shoes will be higher but savings will quickly start to manifest in energy costs and water conservation.

2. You’ll be Ahead of the Curve

California’s Prop 65 is just the first of many states and cities that will be instituting more stringent environmental laws on shoe manufactures that mirror those in the EU so making the change now will put your company ahead.

3. You’ll be saving the Planet

Companies don’t generally think altruistically when making decisions about where to locate their factories but the changes that the EU is making are going to end up being standard best practices for manufacturing companies in the developed world – if we are to survive climate change that is.

4. Customers Want to Buy from Environmentally Responsible Corporations

Millennials through Gen Z make buying decisions based on your company’s environmental friendliness – showing off your high standards for environmental responsibility will win you customers.

5. Better Quality Shoes Lead to Less Waste

Finally, when shoes are made of better quality, they tend to last longer; hence you’ll be contributing less to waste and pollution by buying and throwing out fewer shoes.

Kira Bani Shoes Are Made in the EU

Every Kira Bani shoe is made of the finest Italian leather, manufactured in Italy following all of the EU’s stringent environmental regulations so that our company has a minimal impact on the environment. We care about women’s foot health and we care about saving our planet for future generations and are proud to carry the EU standards for quality shoe manufacturing in the 21st century. Check out our line of Kira Bani Ballet Flats!


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