5 Reasons Why Kira Bani Ballet Flats are Ideal for Women with Bunions

Kira Bani ballet flats fit for bunions

When you watch a supermodel or famous actress walking in their high-end stiletto heels, you’re probably not thinking bunions. Yet for nearly one in four adults, there’s a bunion that’s killing their feet inside those shoes! And the older you get, that number grows by almost 10%. Women are two times more likely to have bunions than a man.

Part of the reason for that is because we know that wearing the wrong shoes, particularly high heels contribute to the formation of bunions. Over time, shoes alone can deform a woman’s foot to the point that only surgery can fix it – that’s how important it is to wear good shoes that fit.

While shoes are one of the culprits causing bunions, there are others that you may have little control over. Shoes however are a place where women’s feet can be spared with a good pair of Kira Bani shoes that account for foot ailments like bunions.

What Are Bunions and What Causes Them?

Not everyone knows what a bunion (the correct medical term is Hallux Valgus) is or looks like and even fewer really understand what causes them. According to the Mayo Clinic, a bunion is a “bony bump that typically forms on the joint at the base of one’s big toe.”

Bunion and shoes that good for bunions

It looks like a knuckle bone jutting out of the side of the big toe. Bunions literally change the underlying structure of your foot. For one thing, they make your feet wider so you’ll need wide width shoes. If you wear the wrong size shoe, whether it’s too tight or too loose, you’ll end up developing corns.

Bunions are painful. In the wrong shoes, they can start to swell making walking unbearable. The longer you go on wearing shoes that hurt your bunions, the worse the pain and the bunions get. You’ll also lose the ability to flex your big toe which makes it difficult or impossible to wear shoes with arches in them, like high heels.

What Causes Bunions?

We’d have to get into genetic research and DNA to truly understand what exactly causes bunions. Some people are born with them. Arthritis can also cause bunions. Pregnancy or illnesses that cause feet to swell can create bunions and ill-fitting shoes cause them.

Just the very nature of high heels with their high slope adds pressure to a foot that is positioned in an unnatural angle to begin with. Low quality materials also contribute to bunion formation. For those born with bunions or who develop arthritis or other ailments that cause your feet to swell, wearing shoes that don’t fit right can irritate bunions and make the damage worse.

Many Women’s Shoes Make Bunions Worse

Women in western countries are more likely than women in the rest of the world to have bunions—10 times more likely! That lends even more credence to the idea that it is the types of shoes that women wear that cause bunions. Even countries that have only recently adopted western style women’s footwear are already seeing an increase in the number of bunion cases for women.

Why is this foot problem most acute in the western world? It’s a combination of both high heels and skinny, pointy toed shoes. Both create problems for women’s feet. Take for instance ballet flats with really pointy toes. Despite widening out at the arch, forcing the toes into an unnatural point can cause hammer toes, bunions, and or corns.

wearing high heels makes bunions issues worse

High heels can cause excruciating pain for people with bunions. First, many heels have the pointy tip that creates bunions and hammer toes. Then there is the weight added to the tip of the foot due to the high arch in the heels. Both the pressure and the squeezed toes add up to very painful bunions after a while.

Reconstructing Women’s Shoes

So if you were born with flat feet or bunions or time and years walking in heels have created them, are you no longer allowed to wear fancy high heel shoes? Sadly, the fact of the matter is, most shoes are not designed to fit around bunions.

Up until now, the choices have been either to go up a half a size or so (which causes its own problems), to live with the pain, or to have surgery to fix it. None of those are very good choices so we decided to come up with a better solution by reconstructing women’s shoes.

We believe we’ve come up with a superb high-end ballet flat that perfectly accommodates bunions. We did it by asking ourselves what women should look for in a dress shoe if she has bunions. We know that pointy toed shoes cause bunions so we have to do something about the toe box.

Then we noted what a difference the types of materials you use make. Low quality materials and a lack of interior padding contribute to foot pain from bunions. We also didn’t want to create clunky looking orthopedic shoes but we also know that how the shoe is cut can create or worsen bunions.

Finally we developed our own FIT-ANY technology because size matters. There are not enough high-end wide width shoes that accommodate different foot widths. It all adds up to the Best Ballet Flat Ever!

5 Reasons Why Women with Bunions Need Kira Bani Flats

It took time and patience but by Jove we’ve got it! Here are just 5 reasons why our Kira Bani Ballet Flats are made for women with bunions:

1. Eliminate the Slope that Causes Bunions

The slope of high-heels crowds your toes into the tip of your shoes which creates bunions. Our flats have a comfortable interior wedge that gives you an arch but eliminates the bunion causing slope.

2. Wider Toe Boxes

You can create a sleek point without cramming your toes into a V. We did that by creating a round toe box to fit around bunions instead of squeezing them in.

3. Better Interior Padding

Our shoes are padded using high quality materials that are soft and comfortable on your feet, wrapped in fine Italian leather.

4. Shoe Lines that Don’t Cut Across Bunions

Fancy heels usually cut right across the toe line – exactly where bunions form. Our toe line is designed to be high enough to avoid bunions but low enough to look sleek and stylish.

5. Seamless Inside Sacchetto Construction

Inside of our shoes there are no seams to irritate corns or press up against bunions. We use seamless sacchetto construction so that our shoes fit you like a glove.

Find Your Ideal Kira Bani Ballet Flat

How many shoes are languishing in your closet because they all hurt your feet? Do you want a pair that you know fits you exactly right? Take the “Find My Fit” quiz to discover your ideal Kira Bani Ballet Flat!


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